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Adag’nan ©Angélique Préau

Mael: (Berry Weight, Tatcha, Beatween)

The child of musicians spent his last month of gestation in the recording studio and his early years backstage all over Europe. Music was his primary means of communication.
Multi-instrumentalist having extensively explored the world of Trip Hop, scratch (collaborations with Wax Tailor, including 1st part at the Olympia in Paris), he composes for Berry Weight, Myrdhin and remixes for The Broken Orchestra, MÛ, Ogma, Long Arm , ...

Maël has been immersed in the world of Handpan for several years.
From live in the studio, from festivals to street music, he explores this instrument with the Leames, Dodjoma, Beatween, Tatcha and Adag'nan projects.

Adag'nan reverse ©Angélique Préau

Roxane Au'ra: (Safar Salam, Alauna)

 From intuitive inner singing to songs inspired by past lives, her voice escapes from the depths of her being to open up to the world.
A traveling soul, she began in Brittany by playing the violin and then the saxophone. She leaves for Africa to reconnect with the dances and rhythms of the Earth and spiritual songs. In Quebec it is close to Jazz, gospel and blues. From Germany to Turkey, she familiarized herself with other sounds, including Sufi chanting, which she continued to explore with Cheyr Zein (Egypt).

Her musical path is above all inside and reflects a deep introspection, which is manifested by the
"language of the stars", nourished by cultures, colors and encounters in life.
The “Voice ya Joueuse” continues to explore the vast and infinite universe of sounds and movements.

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